Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Wuhan Laboratory Found to Have Conducted Novel Monkeypox Research Before Global Outbreak..


In a scientific article in Virologica Sinica, the official journal of the Chinese Society of Microbiology, the authors explained the process for artificially engineering a monkeypox virus. The journal article was submitted by researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Center for Biosafety Mega-Science, the State Key Laboratory of Virology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was published by Editor-in-Chief Professor Zheng-Li Shi, who is the Director for the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

China’s CCP Regime Tightens Border Control and....[VIDEO]


Is China decoupling from the outside world? The Chinese regime says it wants the opposite. But sweeping lockdown measures are driving foreigners and their businesses out of the country. At the same time, more restrictions are on the way for Chinese citizens going abroad, while the values praised by the regime drift farther from Western principals.

US State Department – Appalled’ Suspects Uyghur abuse approved at Beijing ‘highest levels’

AFP - 

The United States voiced horror Tuesday at new files on incarceration of China’s Uyghur minority and said they showed that abuse was likely approved at the highest levels in Beijing.

“We are appalled by the reports and the jarring images,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

“It would be very difficult to imagine that a systemic effort to suppress, to detain, to conduct a campaign of genocide and crimes against humanity would not have the blessing — would not have the approval — of the highest levels of the PRC government,” he said, referring to the People’s Republic of China.

China’s CCP Outraged to Be Linked to Chinese Nationalist Charged with California Church Shooting


China’s state-run Global Times propaganda newspaper broke its silence on Tuesday regarding a deadly mass shooting in California that officials say was fueled by Chinese nationalist hatred against Taiwanese statehood, denying that its violent anti-Taiwanese rhetoric played a role.

What If China Dominated Global Vaccines?

 Are the “new Axis powers” caught in a bind? To each a different problem: in China, an economic downturn may be near as its lockdowns continue to impact daily operations. 

Russia is threatening a two-front war on Finland and Sweden, while it’s unable to finish what it started in Ukraine. And North Korea is now admitting to a massive COVID-19 surge. We dive into the details.

U.S. Citizen and Four Chinese Intelligence Officers Charged with Spying on Prominent Dissidents, Human Rights Leaders and Pro-Democracy Activists.


The Defendants Allegedly Conspired to Silence Critics of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the United States and Abroad


Wednesday, 18 May 2022

China's unemployment rate rises to highest level since early COVID-19 pandemic...
China’s unemployment rate rose to 6.1% in April, the highest level since the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in February 2020.
It comes as widening lockdowns cause a sharp slowdown in activity in the world’s second largest economy, according to the BBC.

Square Metre of Hell - CCP's Hong Kong - VIDEO

Hong Kong is famous for its dense skyline dominated by luxurious skyscrapers. And it’s not just the city’s high rises that soar above the clouds - rents are exorbitant. 

 So much so that the poorest residents have no choice other than squeezing into tiny apartments known as cage houses. They are cages - sleeping compartments in a shared room separated from neighbours by wire mesh. Cage homes cost around $300 per month - still beyond the means of many low-income Hongkongers. Watch Square Metre of Hell for more about the housing crisis in Hong Kong. 

 RT News

Bitcoin miners, who create the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, are active again in China


Bitcoin miners, who create the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, are active again in China despite 

Beijing’s ban on the energy-intensive activity, an academic study found Tuesday.

The United States however remains the biggest country for bitcoin mining followed by number two China, according to researchers from Cambridge University.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

China - Farmers Forbidden From Farming Under Lockdown By The CCP, [VIDEO]

NTD News:

On Mother’s Day in Shanghai, Chinese authorities forcibly separated a mother from her son. An expert breaks down why Beijing is sticking to its “Zero COVID-19” policy.

Are China’s food shortages primed to get worse? In some regions, farmers are getting banned from working their fields. Instead, they’re forced to stay at home.

US plays down change as China angered by Taiwan ‘fact sheet’


The United States insisted Tuesday that nothing had changed in its stance toward Taiwan after Beijing was angered by an updated fact sheet that used less explicit language to reject the island’s independence.

The State Department said the United States still only recognized Beijing as China’s government and was simply polishing off an online fact sheet which had not altered in several years.

China and US clash at UN Security Council over North Korea


The United States and China took opposing stances at the UN Security Council Wednesday on how to reduce tensions with North Korea, with Washington arguing for more sanctions against Pyongyang while Beijing called for their easing.

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Tensions between Shanghai residents and CCPCovid enforcers in China have risen:

Chinese Ships Detected Near Disputed Islands

Two Chinese coast guard vessels entered Japan’s territorial waters near the uninhabited Senkaku Islands Monday morning, NHK news reports.

The ships entered the long-disputed waters about 20km off the island of Minami Kojima at around 7am and approached a Japanese fishing boat, the Japanese public broadcaster reported, citing Coast Guard officials.

Monday’s incident, according to the outlet’s figures, marks the seventh time this year that Japan has spotted Chinese ships navigating off the islands - Beijing insists that its Coast Guard is simply patrolling territorial waters.

RT News

China Update, May 10

 Pushback against Shanghai’s restrictions are getting more violent. Protests between residents and law enforcement have sparked authorities to ramp up the rules.

Reports say those problems aren’t limited to Chinese citizens in the global financial hub, either. Foreigners living in the city are also dying at home.

Trillions of dollars in intellectual property are reported stolen after Chinese state-linked hackers attacked over 30 companies from the United States, Europe, and Asia. But the onslaught isn’t over.

An American company is trying to revive traditional Chinese culture that was almost lost. But Beijing is trying to put a stop to it, even from an ocean away.

Topics in this episode:

More Protests in Shanghai, Residents Detained

Shanghai Senior Believed to Have Starved to Death

Reports: 2 Foreigners Dead Amid Shanghai Lockdown

Chinese Hackers Steal Trillions of Dollars of IP

Beijing Tries to Block Shen Yun Shows in Mexico

‘Falling in Love Again’: Expert on U.S.-South Korea Ties

Beijing-Backed Man to Be Hong Kong Leader

China Plans to Dump 50M Foreign Computers: Report

Beijing Kicks Off New Round of COVID-19 Tests

China Car Sales Estimates Down 48 Percent   

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