Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Could Putin Invade Ukraine Without His ‘Silent Partner?’ Where Is the ‘Global Action’ Against China' CCP?



A convoy of Russian military, over 40 miles long, appears on its way to besiege Kiev. But there are a number of factors working against Vladimir Putin’s chances of success in this developing battle; not the least of which are Russian soldiers opting to surrender and an ever mounting barrage of sanctions. Would Putin have launched this invasion, and would he have any chance of succeeding without his silent partner, China?

The overwhelming global backlash against Russia, coming from political and corporate quarters to hamstring Russia’s economy is virtually unprecedented in scope. But where is this universal moral indignation and rejection when the world’s more deadly regime that has been violating humanity en masse?

Will the Chinese regime pay a price for its dubious choice of friend in Russia?

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