Saturday, 23 July 2022

Solomon Islands told Australia that it won't allow China to build a military base in its territory

 While Washington works to stop China's CCP influence in the Pacific, the Solomon Islands told Australia that it won't allow China to build a military base in its territory.

Source: NTD News 

Friday, 22 July 2022

Facial recognition to pay for your everyday needs has already become 'normal'


Thursday, 21 July 2022



From Google Translation

V. All pharmacies who purchase antipyretic and cough medicines (including western medicine and proprietary Chinese medicines) must check and register the identity information of the drug users, and the drug users must provide original valid identity certificates such as resident identity cards or medical insurance cards; The personnel shall present the original valid identity certificate such as the resident ID card or medical insurance card of the drug user, and register the information of the purchaser, and report to the control headquarters under their control daily.

6. Purchase of antipyretic and cough medicines (including western medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines) through online purchase must be registered in real names. Each delivery company will check and register the identity information of the people who deliver the medicines, and will report to the control headquarters under its control daily.

China has a large, government run surveillance system including facial recognition. Any one who bought cough or fever-reducing medication since January 20th will be investigated by the government. They are conducting “house to house” searches for people who may be ill.

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Sterile Covid Test Kits From China?

Thursday, 2 June 2022

Hunter Biden Admitted Business Relationship with ‘F***ing CCP Spy Chief of China’ on Explosive Audio Recording..


President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been under immense scrutiny since the 2020 election campaign for his cashing in on his father’s name in multiple international deals. He has been under federal investigation since at least the Obama administration, and has been the subject of a widening tax probe since 2018.

China President Warned Biden - Democracy Is Dying!

Joe Biden revealed that after being elected to the White House, Chinese President Xi Jinping cautioned him that democracies are on the decline and that one day "autocracies will run the world."

"We're living through a global struggle between autocracies and democracies," Biden said during his commencement address to the U.S. Naval Academy's graduating class.

China's PLA Conducts "Necessary" Military Drills Near Taiwan After US "Collusion"

RT News

China Conducts "Necessary" Military Drills Near Taiwan After US "Collusion"

Chinese military commanders have confirmed recent seaborne and airborne military drills near Taiwan as a "necessary action" following what they call "collusion" between the US and Taipei.

Last week President Biden reiterated American intentions to back Taiwan militarily in the event of an invasion, while Senator Tammy Duckworth arrived for a surprise 3-day visit on Monday.
PLA Commander Shi Yi insisted Washington's support "will push Taiwan into a dangerous situation" and the US "itself will face serious consequences."

Chinese-Linked Casinos in Pacific Islands Are Vehicles for Corruption And Expanding CCP Influence..

A Fijian court handed down a sentence and ordered a Chinese casino developer to pay $650,000 on April 28 for causing substantial damage to the environment while undertaking unauthorized development on Malolo Island in Fiji’s west.

10 Pacific island nations reject China security pact..


Ten Pacific island nations rebuffed China’s push for a wide-ranging regional security pact Monday, amid worries the proposal was designed to pull them into Beijing’s orbit.

Talks in Fiji between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and leaders from the small island nations failed to reach an agreement, in a high-profile diplomatic setback for Beijing.